For a successful business owner, competent, satisfied executives are vital. The business relies on these people to handle its operations. The owner needs to free up his or her time for strategic planning and creativity.

Our clients recognize that compensating these individuals is essential to attracting, retaining and motivating quality management.

At Bryan and Hedden, we work with our clients to creatively structure executive benefit programs designed to address these issues. Such programs may include:

  • Executive retention strategies
  • Profit sharing plans
  • Pension plans
  • Retirement compensation arrangements
  • Executive income continuation plans
  • Other tax deferral arrangements
  • Tax assisted enhanced benefit options
  • Health spending accounts
  • Custom designed executive benefits

For higher income earners, salary increases become increasingly less effective as motivation, due to excessive taxation. Many business owners turn to alternate compensation methods to ensure that their key people are receiving the best possible compensation arrangements. Bryan and Hedden can help achieve these results.