Executive groups are the corporations' brain trust. They tend to put in more hours, are responsible for making the most difficult and important decisions and yet often have the lowest level of benefits in the organization relative to their compensation.

The typical group benefits package provides a solid base of protection in all areas for the majority of the staff in a corporation. Most of the staff have a good percentage of their income replaced and health care provided for by a standard group benefit plan.

However, there are limits on the coverage amount and quality of benefits provided to the group as a whole. As incomes increase, in a corporate environment, often there are a lower percentage of benefits covered. This results from ceiling on formulas and inferior contract definitions. This protection gap creates a form of reverse discrimination for high-income earners.

As a result, corporations are increasingly using alternate methods to ensure that their key people are receiving the best possible programs. Custom designed executive benefits are one method that allows management to enhance compensation both before and after retirement in the most tax effective manner.

Bryan and Hedden created ExecPlus, in conjunction with their national consulting partner, to provide the following features to enhanced Executive benefit programs.

  • Improved quality of benefit package
  • Short and long term financial security
  • Comprehensive benefit coverage
  • Flexibility
  • Executive tax, retirement and estate planning
  • Quality post-retirement benefits
  • Adapts to changing needs to individual
  • Portability